Kenneth Cole, Psy.D. Clinical Psychologist

Kenneth Cole, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist

You're here because you know things can get better.  Your quest to wake up inspired, the desire to help a loved one who seems to have lost their way, regardless of what brings you here it says that you believe change can happen.  Whether you're an adult, couple, family or striving to support an adolescent who seems to have lost their way, my goal is to honor your intention and utilize the myriad of strengths you  possess in order to help you and yours reach your goals and realize potential.  This often entails working through the challenges that life put before you, all the while knowing that they can be overcome.  

adult or adolescent, together we can work to bring about positive change

My approach to therapy assumes that with motivation, collaboration and a recognition of what lies within, progress will be made.   Using a predominantly cognitive behavioral approach, and integrating other modalities as clinically indicated, my aim is to use the most effective and rewarding approaches at our disposal.  The result can be an inspiring journey, with moments of humor and challenge along the way, ultimately resulting in an outcome where strengths and success are realized.

realize the inherent strength of you

We all have bad days.  Sometimes they seem to pass on their own, and for others we take action and to bring about change.  The video above, Instructions for a Bad Day, features words of inspiration by poet Shane Kocyzan that in many ways capture what myself and many others in the field of wellness and recovery have come to understand is the catalyst for change.  A sense of hope, the foundation of resilience and a consciousness of action all coalescing to move you forward.